Wednesday, September 26, 2012

weird wednesday.

I woke up feeling weird.  It's been gloomy here for a couple days and it's easy for the dark to creep in.  I wasn't feeling well yesterday and still not my best today.  Mabel's been fussy, the kids are demanding and I'm exhausted.  

Braden started the van today while I was bathing Mabel.  Strike One.
Then he punched Nora square in the face.  Strike Two.
All before noon.
 Nora's been doing her school work at night time which is working well.  She stays up late with me and we get some time alone, she works hard and then she sleeps in the next day.  I enjoy it and so does she. It's working.

God is speaking to me about something that I need to write and I'm just not quite sure how to go about it.  Hopefully I'll find the courage and the words soon.  

Before I forget:  If you're in town for the Apple N' Pork Festival this weekend, please come by Rachel's bow booth and visit us!  We will be set up all day Saturday on North Center street (next to the fudge guy.)  And if you don't have a baby girl to buy bows for, just know that grown women can wear them too.  No excuses.
Wish I felt like writing more now but I just don't.  
Must rest.

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