Tuesday, October 23, 2012

real life days.

The last two days have been something out of a mommy nightmare.  
Have I ever mentioned that Heidi (the wiener dog) also has a seizure disorder?  Non diagnosed, to stay with pattern, but true nonetheless.  If we walk her, she seizes.  If it storms, she seizes.  It's a freak show to watch this dog function.

Add a dressed-up-as-something-always boy who runs circles and sings the entire day much louder than a voice should go and you've got a combo that is unlikely to leave you smiling.  I
It's verging neurotic.  
 Then there's flexi-Mabes.  Wherever I leave her she seems to add her special touch as she bends and folds in ways that I can't dream of doing.  She has cried for the past two days with no consolation and I can't seem to shake the sound that radiates through the house as the raspy voice lets loose.
 Now add to the mix an emotional 6 year old little girl.  One who cries over the talk of kitties or dogs and doesn't want them to be out of her sight.  It's true that we have a new kitten [again.]  We brought her home because 'she looks just like Mabel and we have to have her!"

 There's only a few problems with this.
A.)  This new kitty is long haired.  Gross.
B.)  This new kitty is bi-polar.  Like literally.  Looks cute; acts crazy mean.
C.)  She has had diarrhea non stop since getting here.  Diarrhea sticks to her long hair.
Just what I needed...more work and more feces to clean up.  Awesome. 
 So let me break it down for you.
2 rainy days= yelling, screaming, fighting kids who won't shut up leaving my throat sore from yelling so much all the while a dog shaking and seizing through the house because of the thunder and rain, while our first cat growls at the new cat who has diarrhea stuck to her fur, causing me to bathe her 3 times a day on top of a child who won't stop crying and a cyst inside of my ovary that I believe is rupturing and a husband who is working.  
How's that for real life?


Patty said...

Has the new kitty been to the vet? Diarrhea is not a good sign in a kitten. They gett dehydrated very quickly. Diarrhea could mean many different things-worms, infection, virus. I would get her to the vet if you haven't already. Just my opinion. Worked for a vet for 5 years. Good luck

Tiffany said...

I don't know if I should laugh or cry. Oh Rame. I am in the midst of the crazy with you! I love you.

Tina said...

Ramee, do you mind if I ask a medical question? Are Mabel's (astonishing) contortions voluntary, or are they a type of seizing?

You amaze me, as always. Wishing you strength. xoxo

Ashleigh said...

Our wiener dog walks around shaking like crazy too. They are such nervous little dogs :(