Monday, October 8, 2012

Yesterday we spent time together.  Fits were thrown.  Cider was drank.  Hay rack rides were taken. 
All was as usual.                                                                                                                                
 I woke up sick today.  Mabel acts like she is still teething like an infant (are we really not done yet?)  I sent the kids to my parent's house to run free.
 Nora is obsessed with cats and kittens.  In fact, the biggest fit of all yesterday was thrown by her.  We finally had to leave 'family fun day" at the pumpkin patch because she wouldn't step away from the cats.  
We don't put much expectation into 'family fun days' anymore.  It's just all crazy and that's ok with us. 
 I spent Saturday with Jen and away from my kids walking, driving and eating at a festival called "Spoon River Scenic Drive."  Google it.  Had so much fun and missed the kids [and Daniel] so much.
 Last night, since I was feeling sick, we ditched traditional date night and opted to go to the hotel to sit in the hot tub for an hour.  It was nice.  We got to talk some but I still really miss him.  Time away is nice, doing our own thing is nice but truthfully, I just miss him when I'm not with  him.  We have such little time together.
 I have so much in my mind to write about, but don't feel like today is the day.  For one thing, this stupid space bar keeps sticking and I want to throw the entire computer through the kitchen window.  
Speaking of kitchen, I had church here yesterday.  With me and Braden.
And it was amazing.
 Our girl wore two top knots yesterday with Halloween clips.
Today she has on pink carhart overalls.  It's a little too much cuteness.
But she's screaming which is my cue to wake up daddy.
Happy Monday.

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