Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

We trick-or-treated our hearts out.

 It was so much fun so much work.
I can't say that there weren't really cute, sweet moments but over all, I'm exhausted.

 We had a black cat, a ladybug and a power ranger super hero.
 I was the mommy lady bug.  
Mabel and I have both worn these costumes before....
...but she actually is a little bigger now!
 Aunt Jeni joined us for trick or treating on the square and then we made our rounds around town.
 I thought alot about the tricks and treats of life yesterday.
I enjoyed painting the kids' faces and had so much fun seeing their excitement.  
 Over all I have come to the conclusion that life, although tricky, is such a wonderful treat.  
Today begins the 31 days of thanks.  I'm sharing alot of mine on Facebook.
 Today I shared this as my status:
I'm thankful for a God who is personal. A God that chases after me when I feel far from Him and a God that is big enough to handle even the deepest pain and most 'rare' confusion. I am thankful that He meets me in my home and shows up in my children. I am so glad to know His intimate ways and I am thankful for His plan in our lives. The God of life AND death; the God who gives AND takes away. He is good.

 I feel so overwhelmingly thankful everyday, but yesterday, seeing my baby bug dressed up made me extra thankful.  I took photo after photo of her cute, smiling face.  I am reminded to be thankful for each moment because each one truly counts. 
 Each moment truly counts with each of the people we love.  
I realized I hadn't kissed Daniel in the midst of getting us all ready for trick-or-treat so I texted him to meet me so we could.  He did and I was thankful.

 Jeni, Rache and I shoved all of these kids and ourselves into that old van of ours and chugged it around town for 2 hours.  In and out, in and out. Kids were irritable, cold, and we were the same but we did it and I don't take that for granted.  They are always faithfully with me.

 No matter how you spent your night, I hope it was great.
It's about togetherness more than anything. It's about being together and being happy.

 In the next couple of days I'm going to be doing a post all about Batten Disease and the kids affected.  Will you email me or message me YOUR questions?  Or questions your children may ask?  

 October went out with a bang!
Happy November, friends.  We started the day with another tooth lost.  Proof of time moving us onward.....

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