Wednesday, November 21, 2012

holiday home.

This weekend Mabel learned to blow raspberries with her mouth.  She also learned to 'fake cough.'  I'm amazed by this little girl.

Braden has been sick for 6 days.  He ran a fever and slept for most of those days which was actually a welcomed break for me.  I think he's feeling better now.  He didn't stop singing no matter how bad he felt, though.  When I asked him why he had to sing everything he replied, "Because I just love the songs mom."

Nora has been texting on my phone lately.  She gets it and before I know it she has texted everyone and their brother.  Daniel likes that when he's at work he can talk to her but I wish she wasn't quite so savvy.  

Yesterday we spent some time outside. It was gorgeous, more like a spring day.  It's frustrating for this snow-lover to enjoy Thanksgiving week outside with no coats on but I can't complain.  It was gorgeous and the kids were wild and free.

I've been too busy doing life lately to even sit down and write about it.  I'm just soaking in this home, these kids, and the days. 

Two nights ago I stayed up late and decorated for Christmas. I also painted our entryway.  It was quite random and very manic of me but that's almost always how I get things done.  Yesterday Nora and I made cookies that we were supposed to give to Carolyn (as a thank you for her weekly meals) but they burnt and I threw them away without her even knowing...

We had fun making them.  It was at least winter inside.

Here's a sneak peek of our holiday home...

One thing I did notice this year was that I really noticed my decorations and enjoyed putting them out.  Last year, I can see now, I really just went through the motions which makes me sad.  However, I'm so thankful to be outward rather than inward this year and enjoying these times with my family fully.

It's a good day.  
Hoping to write more tonight.  


Amanda said...

Your house is so cute--love the colors! Glad you can enjoy the decorating fun this year :)

Mo said...

I love your bright colors on your walls. I need to do something like that in my house!!