Saturday, November 17, 2012


I heard this song shortly after writing my last post on Thursday.

I listened to it's lyrics and I thought about how our God loves us.  Many words have been used to describe this kind of unending, selfless, massive love.  But when I heard this song I felt confident in the way that I love my own children.

"His kind of love is reckless for us..."
Reckless is how I felt for an entire year. Running around from doctor to doctor; seeking answers and forcing myself to keep going.  It felt radical and desperate.  That kind of love is wholly God. That is the kind of love He has for us.
'His kind of love will never give up, til the whole world knows how far He went to show His kind of love...'

It's that determination.  That maddening, seeking, unending, pleading kind of love that He has placed in us as parents.  It is the kind of love that knows no boundaries when teaching.  It is the kind of love that will chase and scour until love wins, every single time.

I have encountered parents who claim to know God whose children aren't serving Him.  These parents walk away and simply pray for their child's life while cutting them out of their own.  These same parents would rather not have a relationship with their sinful child than to actually have to pursue them in the sin.  That is not His kind of love.
His kind of love seeks the broken, the bruised, the sinners, the runaways, the sheltered, the abused, the forgotten, the unforgiven, the fatherless, the homeless, the disgraced, the shamed, the ugly.

His kind of love steps in when the world steps out.  His kind of love chases without exhaustion.  His kind of love doesn't give up until He literally knows that everyone knows how far He would go for His children.
I know how far we have had to go.  I know how far we will have to continue going.  In doing so, I have always purposed to live out His kind of love.

I want the whole world to know Mabel and her story.  Not to make her famous; to make Him famous.  
I want the whole world to understand a God that has taken doubt, disbelief, sadness, disease, brokenness, heartache and utter despair and turned it into peace.
Joy.  Fullness.  Breath.
I'm going to live out His kind of reckless love every single day that He allows me to wake up and do so.  My voice may be small and it may only have a brief story to tell but that story is one of a God who is greater.  A God who is reckless for us.
Is there something that you feel scurried over?  Something that you are so determined to pray about that it is painful?
Let's be reckless in praying together.  Email me:

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