Saturday, December 8, 2012

A birthday letter.

Happy Birthday to the greatest man I know.  

Still my best friend. 
 Lover.  Fighter.  
Patient. Assertive. Funny.

You are the greatest gift to my life, Daniel Eugene Larson and I am so thankful that you were born on this day 28 years ago weighing almost 10 pounds.  

Because of you I now get to see in our children:
Your goofy grin, your cutest legs, your kissable lips and {thank God}that dimple.

I want so badly to celebrate you in big ways.  I want to show you what you mean to me.  But the best I can do is make you a delicious birthday dinner, greet you with a smile when you wake for the day, dance with you in our kitchen and pray that you feel my love for you in all of those things, every day.

This year has been our greatest yet.  
Great big and full of challenge after challenge.  You and I rose up against them together and I fell deeper in love with you this year than ever before.  I wonder if I can just keep falling year after year after year this way?  I do hope we find out.

I have officially been writing you love letters for 10 birthdays.
Here's to 100 more.

You're my everything.

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