Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas recap 2012

There isn't much to say, truly.  Christmas came and went.
It came quickly and went beautifully.
Mabel had a great day from beginning to end.  She slept through the morning gift opening so I actually took the time to really, really enjoy the big kids and the wonder that filled out home because of them.  When she woke up, I could tell it was going to be a good day and it was absolutely better than I would have dreamed.

 We spent Christmas Eve at grandmas as we do each year and it was really nice.  
This year, enhanced in me was the simplicity of it all.  It felt so good to focus on one another and not our gifts.  It felt so rich to be able to enjoy good food and alot of it.

 Our hearts, home and tummy's were filled with alot of laughter leading up to Christmas Eve but as we said goodbye to our special elf, Frufert, it was a little bittersweet.  

All month long he has stirred up trouble in our home and child-like excitement in all of us.  The night that he has to leave, per tradition, the kids got to hold, feel, kiss and hug him goodbye.
 Christmas morning was flawless.  
The boy woke up first but even with all of his anticipation he waited patiently for everyone to arrive before opening his gifts.  I was so proud of him but was reminded how big he is, and how mature he can be.
 Queen Nora had to be carried out of bed before she would fully awake... 
 Presents were a hit and I was overcome with serious reflection as I focused in on my babies, my little (not so little) brother and the people around me who I love so so so much.
 You wouldn't believe me if I told you ALL of what our family has gone through in this past year.  What I can say is that there is a loving God at work in us.  He has carved away places that lodge forgiveness.  He has etched on all of us an amount of grace that is substantially more than we deserve.  And he has truly formed beauty out of a whole lot of ashes. 

 I spent most of Christmas enjoying every breath to the absolute fullest.  I hugged my girl tightly.  I played with Nora and sang with Braden.  I ate good food. 
 I worked hard at making it special and it really, truly was.

 I'm humbled that our King came as an infant.  I'm honored that He chose to walk as I walk.  I get teary and a lump forms in my throat looking at the lives that were entrusted to me for this short time on this incredible earth. 

 I am in awe of life.  
Breath.  Beauty.  Aging.  Growing.  Death.
I'm in awe of each process and each form.  
This Christmas, I truly believe I celebrated them all in my heart.

 There was a God who came and died so that I might live fully.
Finally, I understand what that means.
It was a Very Merry Christmas indeed.

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