Thursday, December 13, 2012

of yourself...

There is a treasure and it's buried deep.  
It's not something tangible or even recognizable.  It's in the secret places of our hearts and it's tucked neatly there, hiding.
 It's the kind of joy that surfaces when prompted by nothing.
It's in the acts of kindness that you exude and that are given freely.
It's a deep, resounding, palpable gift that was placed in you before you were given an earthly name.
You may not call it the same thing that I do.
Holy Spirit.  Comforter.  Friend.  Guidance.

You may call it: generosity, selflessness, or even courtesy.
That's ok.  
All I'm asking is that this Christmas season you allow yourself to tap into it.  
Explore that place inside of yourself where there is no bitterness, no unforgiveness.
There is only good will and ample room to unfold and give of yourself.

To someone or something. 
 Some Ideas?
Bake dinner for a friend.
Pay for someone's meal in the drive thru.
Pump gas for someone when it's cold.
Visit a nursing home or a special living facility.  Take cookies.
Send cards that you maybe wouldn't otherwise send.
Shop for angel tree or be someone's surprise angel on Christmas morning.
 If you don't have the time or the money to do those things, it's ok.  

But still, go there in yourself and ask yourself what you may be capable of.  
Because in this season, more than ever, there is reason to celebrate our abilities to give.  In doing so we gain so much more than we could ever hope to.
I have been baking and eating.  
Fully enjoying this special season and the sweetness of it's treats.  There have been cookies and brownies, mints and hearty meals.  The extra pounds can settle here because as I indulge in the sweetness of Christmas, I also indulge in the comfort they bring. 
 This weekend brings plans of:
date night.
traditional gingerbread house making.
extended family Christmas.
coffee drinking.
kitchen dancing.
children snuggling.
husband kissing.
 I hope this season is finding you well.  I know that for many of us it can be a difficult time.  Although it's best to enjoy our days, hard questions arise under it all.  

Be still and know that you are not alone.  
There are other mom's who wonder if this Christmas may be the last with their child.  There are other dad's who wonder how they will provide gifts for their children.  There are other families who have been torn apart by divorce, betrayal and pain.  There are other families who have lost a loved one and the pain is all so new.

The loneliness sets in and it's easy to settle there.  
Just know that we are here and we would love to pray for you. 

 I am trying desperately to drink my coffee a little slower, eat more chocolate, dance a little wilder, go inside of myself a little more, kiss a little longer, and cry a little less.

Some days it doesn't happen that way and the idea of it is lost on me.  But even still, the intention is to enjoy this time of celebrating the birth of our God in everything we do, no matter what it may be.
 Remember to give of yourself each day.  When you head to bed at night, ask yourself if everything you did mattered to someone.  Pray that God would show you tomorrow how to better serve those around you.  And know that He is in it all.

Goodnight, friends.  On to the weekend...

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