Monday, December 10, 2012

time together.

At the end of her life and at the end of mine, there is one thing that I will be able to say for certain:
I spent our days holding her. 
I spent our minutes together fully.
I smelled her every chance I could.  I smiled at her and cherished her with all of me.
I gave all of myself to this girl unconditionally.
Our nights have turned into a festival of worship in this toy room.  The room is lit by the light of the tree and my song sings out to our God with my girl draped knowingly over my shoulder.
Nora and Braden circle around and sing to the songs that they know and love.
Music echoes.  Glances speak.  Tears fall.

And all I can think about is how I love this girl well.
And she does the same for me.  
There's something very perfect about that.
I think at the end of her life and at the end of mine, I will be deeply satisfied with how we spent these days together.  

Thanking God for it all.

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