Sunday, January 13, 2013

people love.

Yesterday we woke up to find that our cat, Fuzzy Ginger, had gotten outside.  We've had her since summer and she's never been outside before.  It was traumatizing.  We spent the entire morning walking and driving around our neighborhood trying to find her.  With no luck by lunch time we took a break and came inside.  Soon after, Braden went outside to play and came running in announcing they he saw her.
It was true.  He was the hero of the day.
This photo was taken awhile ago but I think it's fitting for the occasion.  My boy; the hero.
 This week we have enjoyed visiting with friends.  
Good talks, sweet snuggles, and lots of extra love.  
 Hailey and her mom, Lisa, have been stopping by each week to bring us treats and to visit.  The kids love playing with Hailey and I love having Lisa here to talk with.  We look forward to seeing them and I am so grateful that they continue to walk in our door each week.  They bless us for sure!

 Last night we celebrated our niece, Libby's, 18th birthday.  We had cake and pizza and just enjoyed time with everyone.  

Daniel has several sisters and brothers.  He has several nieces and nephews.  Life is complicated and sometimes it looks messy from the outside.  Sometimes it even feels complex on the inside.  But what we're learning is that no matter how overwhelming it may feel to begin relationships that have never been properly started, it is still worth trying.  We have been involved in Libby's life for several years now and I'm grateful.  We are at a place now where we are wanting these relationships to form and be lasting because not only are they important, but they are vital in teaching our kids exactly who they are. 

You are incredibly beautiful and we are so proud of who you are.  Thanks for letting us share in your special day!
 this is emma.  she reminds me so much of nora.  she's beautiful and ornery and she has the cutest button nose you've ever seen.  i've known and loved her since she was about 2 years old.  i'm incredibly thankful. 
 Life is really too short to let the boundaries of it consume us.  All we can do is love the people who are present and who love us in return.  
We have done that and are learning to do it better.  Our lives are enriched by each relationship that we build and nurture.  We are so thankful for each and every one of you in our lives.
 Happy [cold] Sunday.  
It's been the greatest weekend with my kids and Daniel.  Hoping for a good week ahead. 

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