Saturday, January 19, 2013

this week...

This week we enjoyed:
Birthday partying with friends.

 Baby snuggles.
 Mabel perfected her face reaching...

 Harper learned to push her bottom lip out and down in order to pout.
 Mabel learned to push her tongue out and up in order to smile.
 Schooling and games 
 Brother and sister play/snuggle time.

 Sister and Sister snuggles 
 Kitchen dances.
 And finally, sick and sleepy naps.

Because behind all of the emotional words and the internal journey is a real life happening.  It includes real moments that have never went away and never been forgotten.  I still try desperately to kiss the lids of my redheads, sneak away for moments alone with them, focus ferociously on my marriage, all while caring for and adoring Mabel and her every move.  I still enjoy friendships and laughter; coffee and cake.  

I use this as a place to express the gentle details of a life that is complex but in the reality of our days, life is just as normal as it once was.  It's just our normal.  

Happy Weekend, friends.



Love pics of em all! Bless u!


Love pics of em all! Bless u!