Friday, February 22, 2013

goodbye winter.

Today I bundled us all up so that we could bid farewell to winter.
At least that's what we were doing in my mind.
A celebration of goodbye to this beautiful thing that we call cold.  
This year I have embraced it fully.  I have loved being tucked away with these kids in this house.  I have enjoyed the quiet, the changes and the distinct moments of growth. 
But now I am ready for this season to quickly depart and sweep in that lovely thing we know as spring.
 Of course we couldn't do that without truly having a snow day.
Today delivered.
Yesterday as the snow fell outside I promised the kids that they would get a chance to roll in, jump in, and sled on this snowfall.  I wouldn't contain them any longer.

 Today their smiles made this entire winter of seclusion worth it.  
Today was what it has all been about.  A culmination of emotions rose in me as I saw them dressed in their warmth with their red hair and blue eyes contrasting against this white, pure, beautiful snow.

 (hey handsome) 
 I'm so thankful that this winter has been calm.  Yesterday was our greatest snow fall, being only a couple of inches.  It was just slick enough to head down the sledding hill but is melting fast enough to not make life impossibly miserable.  It is a sweet combination I do believe.

 Oh and did I mention that it was actually pretty warm?  

 It was so warm, in fact, that we decided today needed to be a first for Mabel.
With her coat on and tongue out we ventured down the sledding hill with her second mama in tow.  

 I thought I may explode with the amount of love I felt looking down over their little heads, one full of red and one full of brown.  Each different and yet bound up together with so much love and adoration for the other. 
 Mabel's first time sledding was a success.  She smiled and seemed to enjoy it.  
 And Nora the beautiful was as protective as ever.  
She is in love with her sister and this role that is hers.  How special it is indeed!

 Speaking of firsts, daddy let Mabel taste the snow.  
We think she's a fan.

As I walked inside I looked down at the places on the ground that were untainted.  The snow reveals perfectly any spots that are changed or altered and it's a true reflection for me of the way our Lord loves us.
I smiled with adoration of today.  These moments.  
Firsts.  Sweet firsts.

 And now I say, goodbye winter.
Until we meet again...

-check back later.  photos from the phone to be posted this evening.-


Ashleigh said...

Man oh man, what great pictures. Made me cry. I do hope that we are saying fairwell to winter :)


So happy you all were able to enjoy the day & make more beautiful memories together as a whole family!!