Tuesday, February 5, 2013


I am so grateful to have a home.
This is the place where I work, play, live.  This is the place that I have worked so hard to make cozy, warm, welcoming, and safe.  Every day I look around and change something or enhance something because this place is worth the energy and the time it takes to make it ours.
It is so rewarding.
This weekend I spent rearranging and redecorating.  I hung new photos, spray painted music notes to match our beautiful 'EAT' sign and even painted Nora's entire bedroom.
Spring is coming and I want the house to be fresh.
I picked up each room and delicately put things in their places.  I prayed over each space, asking God to continue dwelling in us the way that He promised.  And then I remembered He never leaves us.
I am so grateful that I don't have to ask Him to be near.  I don't have to ask Him to bless each room, or to be in it.  He is in us.  He never leaves.
I painted Nora's room and as I did I thought about Stevie.  Purple is the color for Sanfillippo and although I didn't realize it while we picked it out, this is the exact right shade to make my heart smile every time I open the door.  I will think of our handsome Stevie and my soul will feel connected to Heaven.  My spirit is at ease and I am thankful that I was touched my his and Stef's lives.  
This weekend brought:
A lady gaga concert for me and Aunt Jeni.  [best time ever.  so much fun. so glad I did it]
Lots of time with daddy as he took some vacation time to spend with us.
Quilts and snuggles.
Cookie dough eating.
Kitchen Dancing [duh]
Movie watching.
Nostalgia and reminiscing about times when my bigger kids were babies.
This weekend brought back smiles that were lost during sickness...
And it brought peace in this place; our home.
This place is where all of my dreams are coming true.  I am choosing to walk this beautiful life that I have been given with certainty that if we are good to people, they will be good to us and that a marvelous eternity waits for those who seek a God who is oh. so. good.
I am seeking Him this week, as always.  
And I am thankful above all else for this home and the security our family has here.
What a blessing.

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Andy and Jenni said...

I love the way you've used so many bright, bold colors in your home! You're brave. (In more than just decorating...) And I love seeing Mabel's sweet, smiling face. More than just about anything else :)