Wednesday, February 6, 2013

super heroes.

This weekend I went to the mailbox and pulled out the package that was inside.  I opened it to find the tiny super hero cape that we had been waiting for.  
 TinySuperheroes {} was created for the purpose of empowering little superheroes one cape at a time.  It's an extraordinary organization that is determined to spread love and strength to children who exude those same qualities, sometimes in different ways.
 "Mighty Mabel" received her cape with the colors for Batten Disease and 'Mabel's Able.'  It is beautiful and hand made with such love.  We put it on her right away and smiled at how sweet she looked wearing it!
 I know that Mabel is a super hero.  
She has the ability to change this world tucked inside of her little frame.  Her spirit is so pure and she is full of ease.  She has changed the lives of those around her from the very moment she was born and continues to do so every single day.
 I am so thankful for organizations that reach out to our family and offer to provide items that bring us so much joy.  Sometimes having something tangible; something that we can see, hold, feel-it makes all the difference for us.  Seeing Mabel with this soft cape made me smile.  It is simple and yet knowing that someone took the time to learn about her, think about her and create this just for her--it touches me deeply.
 Please visit this website and show them your support.  Encourage their growing!  Help them touch families like ours and empower them to continue giving in such a unique and personal way.
 Featured on their blog right now is another little guy, slightly younger than Mabel, who was diagnosed with Batten Disease recently.  He is a redhead and he melts my heart.
 What I'm finding in this journey of our lives is that people want to be involved.  It is scary for them and sometimes it feels uncomfortable but even still, they find ways to encourage and build up our spirits.  People have unique gifts and they are glad to use them to spread love.  This is essential as we venture through our human experience.  We need to show love.  
Constantly, abundantly and fully.
 I want to say a special thank you to Robyn for contacting me about TinySuperheroes and for thinking of Mabel.  Thank you for seeing in her what we see-
Strength, beauty, capabilities, gentleness, purity and love.
Thank you for knowing that those super powers are unique.  We are grateful!
 We pray that as you're reading this you will be motivated to do something good for someone today.  We pray that if you feel led you will donate to this organization or find another one that touches your heart and help push them forward in blessing others.  It is a full circle type of life, friends.
Start the circle. 
Mabel's story will be featured on this blog soon.  I will be sure to post the link when it is.
In the mean time...
Be someone's super hero and show them your love!


Anonymous said...

So very cute! Love this little cape :)

Heike said...

Elijah got his cape did u read his blog? She looks adorable in her cape!!

Heike said...

Sorry i just finished reading :) cant wait to read mables blog