Sunday, February 10, 2013

wish [granted]

Today we met with "Make-A-Wish" right here in our home.
We found out a couple of weeks ago that Mabel not only qualified for a Wish but also that she had been approved.  Dr. K helped finalize the process and recommended that the process be accelerated for our family.  It was wonderful and hard to hear.  I know that she is an amazing doctor and I believe she was thinking as much about our entire family as she was Mabel when she filled out the paperwork.  I believe she wants us to have great opportunities as a family while Mabel is still well.  I am so grateful that she cares for us in such a way to help us ensure that we will get that chance!
Typically fulfilling a child's wish can take up to 2 years.  Sometimes it takes much less time but often it is a lengthy process.  We found out a few days ago that Mabel's wish will be granted in 3-6 months!

 For Mabel's wish we chose to travel to Disney.  

In choosing this wish we thought long and hard about things that Mabel will enjoy but also about things that will be unique and special for Nora and Braden.  We know that this time together will help us make memories that are magical.  They will be wrapped in warmth and thoughtfulness.  Even today I could tell that our family is going to be showered with a love that we have never quite experienced.  
I can't believe we are here and it's a little hard to swallow.  
Our family is going to experience something huge and it is a once in a lifetime experience but we get to have this opportunity because our little girl is sick.  I don't know how to feel and so I'm choosing to put all of those thoughts aside and listen to my heart as it tugs with excitement for the redheads that understand what this means for them.  And I'm choosing to be elated for Mabel as I think about the music that will make her smile and the fireworks that will leave her happy.  I can't help but think about her giggling as she hears the sounds of dolphins or the beautiful, gentle voices of the princesses.  
This is truly going to be a dream come true for our children and I am so thankful.
Daniel sobbed in my arms last night as he talked about our children and the lives that we are living.  He expressed how sometimes this all feels so odd because to us this life is all so normal.  This life is ours and it is difficult yet strangely simple.  We are making it work day after day and in all honesty, we have gotten really good at it.  Sometimes I think it is easy to have an overwhelming feeling of unworthiness.  After all, we are just raising our kids-one of which just happens to have a life changing disease.  

With that being said, we will forever cherish each opportunity given to our family- no matter how big or small.  We work really hard to teach our children (and ourselves) how to be self sufficient and capable but we are learning now more than ever how important it is to teach them that there is a time for giving and a time for receiving in this life.  We are humbled and thankful for everything that has come our way.  We are blessed to know that people love Mabel and want to give to us or help us in ways that truly are so helpful.

  One of the greatest things that I have learned in this entire journey is the ability to let people bless me.  I didn't realize that for most of my life I was stealing that chance from people who genuinely loved and cared about me.  By being so independent and strong, I flat out rejected their intention to help me.  

I am thankful for the growth and the change that has occurred in my life.  I know that one day, in a different season, I will be able to give to others in ways that they have touched my life.  There is a  magnitude in understanding how vital that is when having relationships with people.  
It means everything.

With all of that being said, Daniel and I are incredibly over-the-moon thankful for this chance to pour some magic into the hearts of our children.  They deserve it.  They are true rock stars and truly are our heroes.  
We'll know more details soon but as of today, we have two very excited redheads and a little girl who still doesn't know just how special she is.  [I hope she can feel it.]

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