Tuesday, March 5, 2013

for today.

A friend recently said to me that the silence on my blog is deafening.  
The truth is, this has been one of the worst weeks of my entire life.  Mabel is fine, the redheads are good, I am ok.  But some things have gone on that feel very heavy and unfair.  

You would think that having a dying child should be enough.  
The world shouldn't give you anything more because no one should have to deal with this, let alone anything else.  But that isn't the case.  People with sick children still have real-life issues as well.  
We have debts and bills.  We have typical, stressful children.  We have jobs.  We have marriages.
All of it and so much more.

Each thing in our lives seems to be increasingly stressful.  Everything is exasperated because of this little girl, who in herself is not much work or stress at all, but causes our minds to lose focus and everyday things to seem so much harder.  

For the sake of the redheads and our family there's not much else to say today.
It's been a terrible week and we could use prayer.  
I know you'll pull me through and as always, I can never thank you enough.



Been thinking of you & praying all this week. Hope God lifts whatever burdens are heavy on your shoulders soon. God Bless you all.

Darlene said...

Praying hard for you and your family.

Peg H said...

Praying for you and the family. I know that God will lift you and carry you through these hard spots. No one should have to go through what you are, let alone more! Give Mabel and the redheads a hug for me and know that you will forever be in my prayers.

Tina said...

Oh, dear girl. Wishing you love and strength.

mommiella said...

I'm so sorry your family is facing additional challenges. I'm not anyone you know...just a reader of your blog praying for peace and relief for your family. I came across this article today. It's from a few years ago but I thought of you when I read it and wanted to share it with you.
Do read it if you get a chance. I feel that you and she have such a similar message. Perhaps one that only a mother in your impossible situation could share.
Love and light to you.