Saturday, April 20, 2013

disney happy.

First things first:
Our girl has a urinary tract infection. Please pray for her.  
She has been super irritable and tonight she vomited more than usual.  It could be the antibiotics or maybe seizures.  Either way we need this infection to clear quickly.  
 Today we received our Make-A-Wish shirts, buttons and last gifts!
We leave in just a couple of days for our week-long trip to Disney.  Aunt Jeni and I will be taking this adventure together with the kids and are hoping for great weather, lots of sunshine and dreams coming true in every way possible.  

Nora and Braden deserve this trip with Mabel and there couldn't be a more perfect time.  We need time to breathe, relax and just enjoy one another without the distractions, sadness and confusion of the every day 'stuff' that has started to crowd our happy.  The excitement and anticipation says it all--
This trip is a miracle. 
There is something very special about the days leading up to this trip. The countdown has left me speechless as they remember every day to remind me how many more nights we will sleep here before being with the princesses.  And it's true--we actually get to eat lunch in the Disney Castle with all of the princesses during our stay.  It's going to be more than magical for all of us but for Nora especially, this is sure going to be healing.  This little girl deserves the world and although it's never how I imagined or what I would have dreamed, I am thankful for such a wonderful opportunity to give this little girl the trip that she deserves with her sister and brother.

Thanks in advance for prayers over Mabel as she fights off this infection before we leave.  Thanks also for thinking about the kids and I during this season of our lives.  I am so grateful for the amount of support and love we have been shown and it will never be taken for granted.  

Again, this trip is so well needed and we are over the moon excited to be able to experience it during what might otherwise be a very hopeless and overwhelming period.  We are doing well and I truly believe that you cannot come home from Disney in any other fashion than happy.
Here's to that...