Tuesday, April 23, 2013

spring day + trip talk.

Yesterday (finally) it was beautiful outside.
Even though I had so much packing to do, we headed outside with my favorite quilt and made a happy place for us to spend the afternoon.  

 Sara came.  We did vision therapy right there on our quilt.  Mabel was happy, content, smiling, reaching.  
All was right in the world for that one hour.  
Well except for the redheads running wildly around us with water guns and me screaming at them the entire time to not squirt us, or their sister and to stop fighting.  But even that is ours; the chaos.
So truly all really was right with the world.  

 Mabel's better, although I'm not sure that her new jerks are going to pass.  We may have to talk to the Dr. about increasing her meds.  She started grinding her teeth again this week.  
One day she just stopped.  Another day she just starts. 
 We leave for Disney soon.
Please just pray for us as we travel, enjoy the week and travel home again.
I will be taking more photos than I'll ever be able to share, I'm sure but look forward to doing so when we return. 

 Sunshine, bare feet, swimsuits, princesses, rides, water, laughter.
Yes Yes.  We need all of that and we'll take it.

  Her little wish will make their dreams come true.  
The memories that they will make together are worth more than any amount of stress or anxiety I may feel about the trip in general.  It's going to be amazing and I am so blessed and thankful that we get to go. 
Thank you for loving us, as always. 

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