Friday, May 3, 2013

Disney: Day Two.

Day two of our Disney adventure was magical, truly.  Mabel slept well the night before and looked so big to me when I snapped this picture.  I think it was in that moment, out of our environment, that I could see her for her actual age rather than the baby I always make her out to be in my mind.
 It was supposed to be the hottest day of our entire trip so we decided that Sea World would be our first stop.  

 There are a million amazing things about Make-A-Wish and the experiences you get to have being a wish family.  One of the most memorable things for me during this entire trip was when we got to feed and touch the dolphins.  It was incredible and I know that the kids will never forget it.  Even watching Jeni and Mabel's faces while the dolphin made it's sounds brought me so much joy!

 I feel like we spent the entire trip eating and feeding Mabel.  She needed soothed, the kids were hungry and thirsty and so we based most things around eating.  While eating we were almost always joined by the wild critters that surround the parks of Disney.

 Another amazing thing that we got to do during day two was feed the sharks!  Braden was in Heaven as he saw them and fed them their lunch.  This was another attraction that we were able to do at no cost simply by staying at Give Kids the World.  It's so humbling and amazing.
There really aren't words. 

 Ice cream stops were frequent!
Before we saw Shamu (front row) we decided to stop for more soft serve.  Jeni and I shared this amazing brownie sundae and the kids devoured their five-thousandth bowl. 

 Shamu was incredible.  We were able to sit front row for the show in the reserved seating.  Braden, Mabel and I stayed but Jeni and Nora moved back as to not get wet.  After the first time of being soaked, I stood up with Mabel and brother stayed sitting.  He got completely soaked a few minutes later and walked away crying, of course.  He dried later in the day and remembered it to be an awesome experience.

 There are so many amazing things about our resort, I'm not even sure I can remember to write them all.  One of the most incredible things is that every night there is something happening for families to do together.  For instance, it is Christmas once a week there!  Santa and his elves come and we enjoyed a snowy celebration in the 88 degree heat.

 Santa brings gifts for each child and as we were picking ours I thought to myself that there is no way that I can NOT come back and dedicate my time to giving back to families like ours.  

 There were games, crafts, cookie decorating stations, characters and even a Christmas parade!

 The bunny on the right is Mayor Clayton.  
He is the Mayor of Give Kids the World.  Families have the option to have Mayor Clayton come to their villa at night and tuck their children into bed.  Although we didn't do it, several families did and said that it added to the magic of their stay! 


 On our resort there is also a carousel that runs non stop for the children.  They are free to get on and ride anytime, day or night. 

 We ended day two feeling tired but still overwhelmed with the amount of love, giving and joy this place was bringing already.  We watched the Christmas parade and then headed back to our villa for pizza that was delivered nightly to our door. 

 On day two, I realized that paradise truly is perfect.
And I knew for sure that I couldn't come home the same.


Paige said...

I just love disney! The resort you y'all got to stay at looks great as well. I know this was an amazing experience for you and your babies. One you'll never forget :-)

Sarah said...

Everything sounds so magical and I so happy for you all and the fact that you were able to enjoy this wonderful week.

Anonymous said...

Love all that you're sharing-can't wait to follow along for each day! XO

AJF said...

I LOVE Christmas once a week, that is truly amazing.