Friday, May 10, 2013

Photos from the phone: Florida Style.

Dear Florida,
My heart is there, with you.  Like a lover longing for sweet caress I find myself yearning for the touch of your sun's rays and the joy of your view.  There is something about you.  Something that I will never forget.  It's poetic and enchanting and I long for a sweet reminder each day.  I will never forget the way that I fell out of love and into you during this trip and because of that I am free from a lifetime of serious heartache and serious restraint.  I am able to fully engage in mothering, and some day, loving again.  I am grateful for the moments of silence that your sky brought to my heart and for the clarity that your wonder brought to my spirit.  I sought redemption in you, and found it willingly.  Thank you for swallowing me up during a time when I could have otherwise withered and for planting my feet firmly back on the ground.  I am no longer shaken but steady.  I have never felt lighter or more alive.
Florida, my refuge.  I adore you.

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