Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Mabel on the News.

I know that I'm not writing much.  I know. 
I can feel it in my bones and yet the extraordinary range of emotions that I feel on any given day are too breathtaking to truly write about. 
So here's what's important:
Braden learned to ride a bike with no training wheels last week and suddenly he's a pro.
Mabel has had to have a few doses of morphine over the last week but the past 3 days have been amazing-like her old self again.
Nora is mouthy, ornery and selling lemonade like it's her real life job.  She made $20.13 yesterday and $14.00 today.  Now she has new dolls to prove it.
I am well. 
I'm happy, light, content, and seriously joyful.  I'm walking a lot, mostly to keep Mabel happy but for my own sanity as well.  We got a pool so the kids are swimming most days and the yard has been full of kids that I adore.  Moms gather, kids swim (and fight) and we all just waste the days away in this big front yard.  It's pretty amazing really. 
Something else pretty amazing?  Mabel was shown and mentioned on ABC National News tonight with Diane Sawyer.  I'd love for you to go to the video and take a peek.  Please feel free to share the link and continue to talk about our girl whenever you can.  She's amazing and the light of my entire life.  
Please continue to pray for Mabel as the days do look slightly different with her.  There are definite changes happening and although it's hard to be specific, I just know it.  She stopped sitting altogether a couple of months ago, her tongue is turning under while changing to a deep blue color and her choking has increased to an almost daily event.  It's terrifying and when you add in the hours of crying that she's doing it makes for a true life nightmare. 
We're all ok.  Truly the kids and I have adjusted to life in this, once again, "new normal" and are really enjoying our days.  It's just so hard for me to sit down and truly wrap my mind around all that our life entails and yet, it's true.  This is the reality of what I'm living. 
All in all, I feel the greatest and truest joy that I have felt in a very long time and I know that it's perfected for this time, right now.
Life, in all of it's complexities, is really quite simple if we just let it be. 
If we just calmly live it, it unfolds quite nicely, I'm learning.

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