Thursday, August 1, 2013

a birthday letter to my oldest love.

Wrote yesterday and published late due to techcal issues; a letter to my first love.
Dear Nora,
Today you are seven years old and I can't believe it.  My heart literally bursts when I think about the days, weeks, months and years that have led us to this birthday. 
To see the little girl that you have become right before my eyes is astounding.  Seven years ago on this day I became a mommy and never dreamed that time would pass so quickly.  I have said it every single year since the time you were gifted to me, but God gave me the desire of my heart when he placed you inside of me, Nora.  All I ever wanted to do was be a mother and because of you, I was.  
This year has been extremely difficult for our family, as a whole.  But as always I have been incredibly proud of your endurance and resilience.  You are brave and strong, Nora Elaine, and you are a light to all who know you.  You have had to experience some of life's most difficult changes this year and yet you have found what makes your heart joyful and have clung to it.  That is such a beautiful and mature quality to have
I have been so proud of you every single day since the day that you were placed inside of me by our Lord.  Lately, however, some of my most favorite times are when you and I talk about things that you question.  You are learning so many things about life and yet in the midst of al that is so very heavy about our lives, you have maintained an innocence that I'm incredibly thankful for.  Although I think you are coping in your own ways, I am grateful that those skills involve being a child and staying little in your mind. 
You are the greatest big sister and I am so thankful for the relationship that you share with Mabel.  This year I have watched you grow into the nurturer that I always knew you were created to be.  Whether it's Mabel, a new kitten or a stranger on the street-your heart wants to help.  God will use these qualities in big ways for your future, Nora.  You're so beautiful in every way.

I hope that this coming year is filled with so much happiness for you.  I hope that whatever is lacking, I can make up for somehow so that you can experience all that you deserve, being seven years old!  I hope you always feel loved and know how deeply I desire to make every day of your life memorable and special for you.  You are truly one of my greatest gifts in this life and I cherish you more than you'll ever know.  Thank you for being exactly who God wants you to be Nora.  You remind me every day that life is worth living and is always beautiful. 
I love you baby.
Happy Happy Birthday!

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