Tuesday, October 15, 2013

life lived.

We've had a busy week! 
Noah made it into town on Friday and spoke to our local Jr. High students.  It went incredibly well.  While in town he was able to hit alot of media sources and really spread the word about his run and batten disease.  I was incredibly honored to be part of just some of his journey.  He feels like a long time friend and my hope is that he will make his way back to Illinois several times to love on my girl!
Speaking of Mabel, she is still doing really well.  The meds seem to still be helping and I am thrilled.  She is calm, happy and seems better over all.  She is still jerking.  I haven't seen a huge change in her movements but otherwise there is a calm about her that is refreshing.  She did incredibly well over our busy weekend but seems to be happy just relaxing in the normal quiet of our home today. 

Nora and Braden just light up my life as always.  They are totally wild and ridiculously mouthy sometimes.  Nora is incredibly emotional and Braden has been very brave through that.  I am always so proud of them and although I feel so sorry for them -that their lives have taken such a drastic turn, I see God's hand on their hearts at all times.  I know He is protecting and caring for them because I trust Him to do so. 
We are enjoying fall and enjoying one another. 
Life is just incredibly rich and full for me.  I am so thankful. 
I hope to be getting a new computer very soon and will be writing more consistently again when that happens.  This time off from writing every day has been very growing for me and very necessary.  I can't wait to get back at it but I am thankful for the rest during this in-between phase of my life.  
Always looking ahead!
To a weekend trip.
To Halloween.
To a dessert party with the girls.
To thanksgiving and my birthday.
To life lived fully!!!

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