Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

Christmas has come and gone. 
Once again I celebrated for weeks before the actual day by decorating and baking, holiday music and nostalgia.  I can't help but wrap my home up in lights and laughter, hoping to draw out a piece of this season that will stick forever. 
With every day that passes I am grateful that I have been given one more with my darling girl.  She is tiny and precious and yet strong and steady.  She shows me time and time again just how resilient and beautiful life is.  This Christmas was such a gift; to be able to, once again, celebrate with her here in good health and good spirits.  I count every day as true borrowed time with Mabel and to hold her during this season has been incredibly special to me and all who love her. 
Christmas this year was obviously different.  I knew that it would be and I tried so hard to prepare our home and our hearts for the events that we were anticipating.  I felt like when the time came the kids had a beautiful and amazing day.  They seemed happy.  I know that they know how deeply they are loved, taken care of and thought about. 
And that means everything to me.
That made this Christmas holiday beautiful.
We celebrated the birth of Jesus by exchanging gifts with the people we love, eating really good food and just being together.  I believe, truly, that is all He wants from us. 
Community, Compassion, Concern, Giving, Caring, Loving. 
So another Christmas is in the books. 
Another Christmas where I looked around and saw how much my children have grown in just one year-not only physically but emotionally.  Another Christmas where my sister, brother and I were in the same home on multiple occasions.  Another Christmas with my parents, and grandparents.  Another Christmas with my Mabel girl. 
This Christmas was different and at times, for my children, difficult.  But in between the hard conversations and comments made that reminded me of deep heartache, there were really beautiful moments of sincere grace.  I am so thankful that our God loves us and continues to take care of us in the exact ways that we need.  He is so faithful and so good. 
Here is our Christmas 2013 in photos:

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lovetoteach said...

I love the Ninja turtle mask and the pictures of you opening Braden's gift. Looks like you had a wonderful family filled Christmas! Tell Braden I will see him in a few days!!