Monday, December 16, 2013

Tree, Sweaters & Sledding.

So basically this past week has been like holiday happy overload.  There has been chaos in the midst of all the excitement and even some mommy moments where I thought I might lose my mind.  But that is every day and I have just learned to overlook those times and focus on the oh-so-cute in betweens that make my days really beautiful.
We got our tree!

We picked it out, cut it down and put it up. 
Nora went on and on about how we were making great memories.  It made my whole year to see her so happy.

I let them do all of the work.  I stepped back and watched them string lights, hang ornaments, and I purposed myself to not care how that chubby little tree looked after it was all said and done.  What mattered was the way they smiled and still smile when they walk past it. 
They did it. 
All of it. 
It's their tree and they should be mighty proud.

Moving on...
We had our first ever 'Ugly Sweater Party' this past weekend.  Such a fun night.

We had great food and shared great talks. 
I saw alot of the hurt from this year fizzle away as we laughed. 
It was needed and it was good.

I actually can't believe how much I say it, but I have the best friends. 
And they make me feel incredibly surrounded.  I am grateful every day.

We work, we have kids, we are tired, and sometimes sad.
But when we are together we just saddle up and jump on the happy horse.  We make it right with food and inappropriate conversations and a whole lot of crazy. 
And that makes me all sorts of happy.
And during our sweater party on Friday, we had the most beautiful snow fall.  I woke up and felt like the universe lined up just right, just for me.  Everything was perfect. 
Saturday continued to deliver in the happy department.  After a breakfast of homemade waffles and coffee, we spent the afternoon sledding.

Honestly I could go on and on about how this weekend made me feel. 
Let's just say that rather than having PTSD from last year's snow fall and my husband leaving just days later, I had a seriously over-the-top joyful couple of days. 
I can't believe I am this happy. 
And yet I am. 
It's the most wonderful time of the year. 

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