Saturday, May 24, 2014

Easter 2014

I realized today that I had not yet posted our Easter photos.
It was a beautiful holiday filled with much celebration. 
Although I woke with some anxiety, as holidays always tend to bring for me, the day went well and ended with a good, deep cry in our new kitchen.  It was cleansing and needed.  It was soothing and healing. 
So thankful to be surrounded by the people that I love.  So thankful for another holiday with my beautiful, growing children.  So thankful for my siblings, parents, grand parents.  So thankful for the love of a man who has stepped in and shown patience, grace and desire in our lives. 
This Easter I celebrated a different path in my life but the same God who orchestrates it all. 
Thankful for the reminder that all things are made new when we love Him.

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