Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Highlighting summer

I wanted to reminisce about summer before it is so far gone that I forget completely how wonderful it was.  The more time that goes on and the older I get I realize that it is by far, the little moments and the quick adventures that make up the story of our lives. 
At the beginning of the summer we embraced our new house and the neighborhood.  It was refreshing to start fresh and give the kids a place where they would create their very own memories.  Memories that I'm positive will last an entire lifetime. 

If I was asked to sum up the past couple of months in just a few words they would probably be:
love.  friends.  chaotic.  happy.
I feel like we accomplished everything that you should get done in one summer.  We had cookouts, campfires, s'mores, lemonde and vegetable stand, soccer, softball, late nights, late mornings, coffee on the porch, beach days, pool days, sunscreen, bike rides, carnivals, popsicles, sibling fights, sibling sleepovers, swimsuits, bare feet, stroller walks, sprinklers, trampolines, sunglasses, friends on friends on friends and so much more!

This summer we have made great strides forward as a family, embracing our life for the exact moment we are in.  Braden is the same as he's always been-steady, funny, fit-throwin and loud.  Nora is not at all the same as she once was, and though that saddens me, I have seen this little girl mature into a very bright, special young girl.  She is closed off and yet learning to be open.  She is scared of being hurt, of hurting others, of giving and receiving love, but she is incredibly wise and resilient.  I am so proud of her.  Mabel's summer has been beautiful and enjoyable.  A true gift from God.  

I have such sweet summer memories.  I have such a full heart. 
It's incredible how one minute in this life you can think that everything is over.  All the things you once imagined or dreamed for your heart, for your soul; shattered.  But then, suddenly, life resumes and your spirit breaks free from sadness.  You realize that you're standing right smack dab in the middle of a brilliant life.  The colors around you are rich, bright and vibrant and you can't help but realize that while we are here, on this earth, it is worth tasting.  It is worth loving.  It is worth the sorrow because as is the promise of a beautiful King, sorrow lasts only for a night.
JOY comes with the morning.
This is certainly my morning.
And though summer was incredible, I am bidding farewell to her now.  Waiting patiently on my favorite love--fall.  

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Anne said...

I found your blog through Top Mommy Blogs, and read about your sweet family.

My son doesn't have a disease, but was born wit a rare neural tube defect that herniates the brain through the skull in utero. He's one of the lucky ones. Only about 20% of babies make it to birth, and roughly half die afterward. Of the half that live, more than 75% of them have severe delays.

My son has lived, and while he has delays, he's doing so much. We're so lucky.

But we lost a baby too, who also had defects related to the brain, and there is never a good time to face a terminal diagnosis for your baby.

You are handling this with immense grace. I'm sure that doesn't make it easier, and I'm sure you have days where you're not so pulled together. But I'm touched by your family, and sweet Mabel too. Her smile has certainly brightened my day.

Thank you for sharing your life.