Friday, August 22, 2014

School Days 2014

For the redheads, the summer has officially come to an end.  They both started school just 3 days ago and so far they are doing incredibly well!  They seem more brave, more independent, more sure of themselves than I ever dreamed they could.  These kids inspire me to be the same!
Summer has been brilliant. 
I have loved living in this hew home, watching the kids run through our neighborhood with their friends, carefree and child-like.  This is how it's supposed to be. 
The last two days have been emotional for me.  I look at just how much they've grown and my heart breaks.  Deep inside of them they have endured so much pain in the last 18 months.  Their hearts have been broken, they had to start school, meet new people, move to a new home, adjust to Mabel's needs and all the while they do it with grace.  They have struggled, absolutely, but I cannot fully explain how wise these two kids truly are.  They have a foundation of Jesus that lingers long after they speak.  They shine a light of God that is not only seen but felt.  They are deep reflections of the specific prayers that I diligently prayed over them and will continue to do. 
I am so proud of Nora and Braden. 
And then there's Mabel.
This summer has been a gift to me from her.  She has lit up my days with smiles, and giggles.  She smells delightful.  She has had a few seizures that look differently than they 'typical' but overall, she is doing well.  We started a new medication and though I have seen little difference in her movements or seizures, her irritability is less which amazing.  She seems generally comfortable and I feel like we have her at a really good place.  I've done a lot of thinking after the batten disease conference and have decided to make some calls to her geneticist to get some input on a few thoughts that I have.  But for the most part, I have just soaked in this girl as much as I can and it has been oh so good.  
Parenting can be so hard.
Many days throughout the summer I looked around and wondered how I would make it through.  Most days it's a thankless, endless job and it can be more than exhausting.  But at the end of the day when Nora asks me to lay with her and I rub her sweet red hair, or Braden wraps his arms around me to tell me that I smell good or when Mabel taps my face and lets out a sweet giggle-
the work fades away...
...I remember the purpose of it all.
I focus on the joy and the outcome of this beautiful life. 
I am raising humans.  I am responsible for them.  They are mine. 
And they are the greatest gifts that I could ever receive. 
So it's all, always worth it. 
Happy School Days!


dcampbell said...

My goodness, time has flown! School sucks! Who needs it ;)


So happy to see your new posting! Glad to hear the new home & school year are going well. As always sending you love, prayers, & hugs!!