Sunday, November 30, 2014


I Yesterday was a warm (for November) winter day.  The kids ran in and out all morning, leaving trails of muddy footprints from the front door to the bathroom.  In and out, in and out.  Snacks, "I've gotta get something," and the occasional, "didn't stop long enough to pee so now I've had an accident." If you are my neighbor, you probably get tired of my constant, "GO OUTSIDE!" "In or OUT!" but it's just inevitable. 

Yesterday was also our small town Christmas parade.  Two years ago, our family was nominated to ride in the parade as the Grand Marshall.  To be honest, that was the last big thing that Mabel's Able has done in our community because it was just 3 months later when our family sort of fell apart and things changed drastically within our personal lives.  I needed a major separation from my persona here, as the writer, and my real life situation.  I took a really long time for myself and backed away from public in general.  But, the parade two years ago, before all of that took place, was beautiful and humbling.  I remember feelings so honored and so proud. 
This year our biggest girl was riding with her Girl Scout troop.  Since Nora still has the hardest time, emotionally, surrounding the divorce and all of the very heavy changes that have taken place, I wanted to give her something that was very much her own.  She played ball this summer which she loved-it helped her to be a part of a team, something bigger than herself.  And when fall rolled around I had a couple of mom's reach out to me and ask about Girl Scouts.  Nora was thrilled.  So far she has sold fall product (nuts and chocolate) by going door to door in our small neighborhood.  Her little redhead would dart from door to door to door, street to street to street.  She was excited which made me incredibly happy.  In February she will start selling cookies and I know she's excited about that as well. 

Krystal happened to be in town for Thanksgiving weekend and I got to spend a few hours with her before the parade.  She and her husband Will are welcoming their second baby into their family in about 7 months!  We are thrilled for them.  I can't believe how much I miss her until she's here in my living room.  We've walked through everything together in this life, that's for sure, and one thing I can say is that her friendship is faithful and loyal. 
I truly do know how lucky I am that I can say that exact same thing about all of the wonderful women in our village.  These friendships are so intertwined, so wrapped up in each other, so devoted to doing life together. 

Miss Audrine adored the parade.  Mostly she jerked and seized in excitement over the fire trucks and the marching band, specifically the drums. She was not, however, a fan of the motorcycles which I know was slightly disappointing to the main man in her life.  If there was a way to strap a large, special needs car seat to the back of a motorcycle, that would be the first thing Chris would do when the time came. 

After the parade everyone went their separate ways to resume their day.  Our family's schedule makes it so that we only see Chris for a few minutes on the days that he works and on school days he doesn't see the big kids at all usually unless it's a day off.  He sees Mabel every day. 

Yesterday I sent Nora with her Nanny and Braden outside with the neighbor kids so I could take advantage of the warm weather and dig out Christmas decorations.  I spent the next couple of hours dancing with Mabel to Christmas music, hanging wreaths just so and filling the scentsy warmers with holiday melts to make the house smell just perfect for the occasion. 
I woke up this morning next to a snoring boy and a tapping girl.  We walked out of the bedroom in search of our famous elf, 'frufert' who has returned from the North Pole for the 4th year.  He is pesky and naughty and fun!  The house was warm, much warmer than the big white house in the winter, the Christmas lights were lit just right and it smelled like Heaven.  It's official, Christmas time is here!

Tomorrow the kids and I will begin doing our advent devotionals and really learning about what took place on the days leading up to the birth of Jesus.  The truth is, He changed everything just by being born.  And whatever you believe during this time of year, whatever religion you follow or don't follow, there is just no denying that it' a magical time.  One of reflection, prayer, meditation, quiet, believing, hoping, loving.  The world just hushes and settles long enough for us to take notice. 
And that's not only special, but necessary.  Looking forward to December with great joy and great hope! 

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I enjoy following your story. Thanks for sharing :) happy holidays!