Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Happy New Year, 2015.

Happy New Year, 2015!
I almost can't believe that Christmas has come and gone and yet here we are, smack dab in the middle of a snow covered January, welcoming all the new that life has to offer. 
 I love the new year.  And although I'm not huge on resolutions, this year I resolved in my heart the promise of 'more.' 
More love, more smiles, more cuddles, more coffee, more dessert, more friendships, more forgiveness, more contentment, more happy, more laughter, more truth.  More peace.  More hope. More joy.
 Our Christmas season was literally magical this year. 
It was full of saturating ourselves in advent, learning more about the birth of Jesus, and wrapping up in the promise that His life was purposed for our eternity.  The kids and I dove deeply into advent devotionals; one we read together in the evening and one that the older kids read together before school each day; a shorter version, a perfect reminder to fuel their hearts. 
I saw the two of them light up with understanding this year.  I saw the fruit of my many prayers peel back and reveal itself on their faces and in our home.  There was an excitement about this time of reflection and of giving.  They have matured and are inquisitive about the things in life that are most important.  I am so proud of their hearts.
Hearts that are open and know truth.  It's a beautiful gift. 
 The holiday came with our usual traditions.
We baked cookies and ate the dough.  We made warm bread and devoured it together.  We turned the music up loud and nestled into blankets tight.  We cut down a fresh tree, decorated it together, enjoyed Christmas with the ones we loved, cried for those who are no longer with us and we really focused on the reason for it all.
  The kids enjoyed more than 2 weeks off from school and though the house is small, their voices are loud and there were so many hard [frustrating] moments, I really missed them when they went back to school yesterday.  However, both Nora & Braden seem to be thriving on the routine of their classrooms and for that, I'm grateful. 
 This Christmas was probably the greatest I've ever had.  It was calm, light, easy. 
I felt like we all fully enjoyed the days leading up to and the actual day of celebrating our God. 
 So for months I've been without a decent computer, leaving my writing sporadic.  As of today, that will no longer be a problem.  My goal in the coming days is to catch up and keep up here on my blog.  Beyond that, my intention is to begin writing the first several chapters of a book that I hope adequately tells Mabel's story, and the story of our lives in a way that reflects Jesus. 
Will you pray for me and for the next chapter in my writing? 
I will write with the hope of successfully publishing a book that my children will not only be proud of one day but that will represent our life through it's challenges, heartache, joy, sorrow, difficulty, beauty and ultimately triumph.  I will write to honor them and to honor Mabel. 
I will write with the purpose of bringing truth and awareness, not only to batten disease and other rare diseases but to the grief and guttural turmoil that accompanies it all, daily. 
I am so lucky to have been born a writer, with the gift of expression and intimacy through words.  I have always known that this gift was not meant to lie still on the screen of this blog or the pages of my journals; rather God will use it all to bring glory to Himself and hope to others. 
I'm so excited for the many changes that will happen in our lives over this new year!  There are big things in the works for our family already.  There are vacations planned, conferences to attend, teams to join, new schooling to finish, certifications to obtain, choices to be made. 
We look forward with love, knowing that whatever comes is planned and perfect for each of us, trusting God to hold us every step of the way, and we hope the same for you. 


sara aka meme said...

Love it

sage said...

So glad to see you back to writing. I have been worried about you all. Happy New Year

Andy and Jenni said...

There are many of us who appreciate your generosity with words, and who look forward to staying with your story. We're glad you're back at the blog, and wish you luck with the book project! I hoping, here, for more patience, more art, more risks, more successes, more chocolate, more wine, more plaid, more polka dots, more kisses, more road trips, more rainbows... xoxo