Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Monday came.
Jesus left his tomb empty on Sunday, fulfilling His great promise and then, as expected, Monday fell upon the people.  I can't imagine what that Monday felt like; both hopeful and heavy, I can only assume.
Our Easter was beautiful. 
It was calm, light, colorful.
The days leading up to it were heavy and hard, scary and emotional. 
But Sunday came and our baby woke up and Jesus' promise was strong and steady in my heart.  It was refreshing to say the least.
The sun shined brightly over our family, giving us a day together that we will always remember. 
My sister started the day with a really great surprise engagement announcement.  I am so happy for her, and thankful the promise of all things new.  The hope of what our future holds is encouraging and uplifting when the rest of me feels like life will always be sprinkled with some sort of sadness.  And it might but there's beauty there too. 
Easter has always been one of my favorite holidays; both for it's spiritual significance and for it's very refreshing energy.  On Easter morning, when you wake up, things just feel differently.  The earth has made the last final turn from winter to spring and around that last little corner are yellow daffodils, red cardinals, blue jays and a whole lot of extra light.  
This Easter was no different. 
After a winter that was long and taxing for all of us with the worry of what it may hold for Mabel and for our family, spring has sprung and we woke with a certain knowing.  Though, the few days prior to Easter were nothing short of challenging for our spirits.  I learned in the quiet of our home just how comforting and beautiful this family is to one another.  There is a gentleness that will guide us through whatever the days ahead may hold.

What used to be babies ascending down the hallway with binkies and blankies are now really big kids, who light up my life.  They are so smart and articulate, gentle and kind.  Their hearts are good.  This Easter was incredibly easy and fulfilling for all of us and I could truly see the happy on their faces.  

 Family is family.
Sometimes it isn't blood or shared last names.  Sometimes it's a group text with all the women in your life that have always and forever stood by your side.  Sometimes it's the people who have chose life with you over life elsewhere.  Sometimes it is all the people who share the same blood but haven't always gotten along, coming together because it's important.  It matters.
And yesterday our family did just that.  We loved on everyone in our lives in the ways we could and needed to.  It was a really great and special day.  I'm so thankful and I will always remember it. 
Happy Spring! 
Now, please let April showers bring so many May flowers. 

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