Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Bud turns 9!

On September 5th, my only boy turned 9 years old and it seems impossible.  
We celebrated him with a fall-birthday party that was extra special!  Braden got to put on his very first concert in front of his friends and family.  He had a microphone and did his best beat-boxing performance yet.  He is talented in a way I just can't explain and he makes me so proud.

In general, bub is doing really well.  He is growing physically and emotionally.  He is funny and gentle.  He loves to help others and empathy is still, by far, his greatest quality.  I haven't had the first parent-teacher conference of the year just yet but judging by his grades, I am really impressed with how far he has come in the last several months.  

I love you so much!  You are the kindest boy I have ever known and it is my honor to be your mom!  I pray over you that God would use your heart to do all the big things I know He has planned and that in all the noise of this world, you would continue to follow your convictions.  In doing so, they will always lead you right back to Him; where it's right.   
Shine your light always, bud, and you will  make a big difference in this world!  I love you and I'm always, always on your team.  



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