Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Engagement Party

To kick off fall, I was really thankful that my sister decided to help us celebrate our upcoming marriage by hosting a sweet engagement party at her house. 

We ate and laughed so much and I left feeling really full...
Of life, of love, of all the things that are supposed to fill you to the brim.  

But, even in these beautiful and really fun moments, my heart is breaking with ache for our baby.  It brings so much comfort when I look up at this man with whom I will soon share a name and simply know that he feels it too.  So much goes unsaid but in the ebb and flow of this beautiful, heartbreaking life, I am so thankful that he is at my side. 

Life is really sweet right now.  Gentle and calm and colorful.  
We have celebrated many things in the last several weeks and so many more we will celebrate in the weeks to come.  I am grateful for every part of it.  God is so very good.  

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