Sunday, July 30, 2017

August in July

August Sawyer, my first nephew, was born on July 6th, 2017!  
It has been a whirlwind month so I wanted to post some photos just so that I do not forget all that has gone on.  

First of all, I will not tell my sister or August's story as I know that it is hers to tell.  But I do want to write some things for my own self and for Nora and Braden so that the memories are never far from us when looking back on this sweet (and chaotic) summer.  

August was born early.  3 weeks to be exact.  He was little but much bigger than we thought!  
He has a head full of dark hair.  We knew he would come on the exact day that Chris and I planned to start driving toward Michigan for our annual family vacation to his family's farmhouse so we decided to stick with that plan.  He and the kids left early the day before August was born and arrived in Michigan safely after an 8 hour car ride.  
[My husband is a true saint.]

 August did have a little trouble feeding initially and a nurse heard a murmur in his heart right away.  He was sent to the nursery and kept there for just a couple of days. 
 Meanwhile, in Michigan...
 The rest of these photos will be out of order because my phone and computer wont sync up and it's too late for me to fuss with it.  

But here's the breakdown:
I took an early flight to Michigan and stayed with the kids and Chris for a few more days.  It was wonderful and relaxing.  Gus came home and all was well.  He was feeding good at home and they were to follow up with his cardiologist in a week. 

 We got home from Michigan and I went with my sister to that follow up appointment where, at that time, they decided to keep August for further observation and testing.  His oxygen wasn't great and his echo was questionable and there are just some things that needed to be monitored and followed up on.  I made it home just in time!

In between being home and that trip to the PICU, Nora and Braden did get to finally meet their new baby cousin in person.  And since being home, he has also come home, again!
He's on oxygen and following up once more with his cardiology team, which is something they'll likely continue to do as he grows.  

All of your love and prayers are, as always, SO appreciated.  
We have ourselves a heart boy and he has ALL of ours!  

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