Sunday, July 30, 2017

Happy birthday Mabel \\7//

This year, as always, we celebrated our girl in all different shades of yellow.  
She turned seven in Heaven and we wanted to shine so bright that she could see our love!

We miss her so...every day, and we never want a year to go by without celebrating the ONE day that changed everything for us.  When Mabel was born, our hearts suddenly knew a different kind of love and we are forever grateful.  

All the tiny people who loved her asked me (at different times) if we would be letting balloons go or lighting lanterns.  We did let off balloons and we did try to light a yellow lantern (but it was too windy and that failed-luckily it was just Chris and I and none of the kids saw it).  But this year we also incorporated a really neat new tradition.  We created prayer flags.  The kids enjoyed it, they turned out beautiful and when the wind blows in the fall air I know that their dreams, wishes, thoughts and prayers will blow through the valley, from Mabel's tree and up into the Heavens. 

Celebrating another birthday without her here was excruciating.  Honestly, I just don't have the words anymore to try and explain it.  The days leading up to the actual day are always the hardest, by far and on any actual big day of celebration I end up feeling very surrounded and cared for.  I am so grateful for the people who love us, are steadfast, have been long suffering and continue to walk this journey hand in hand with our family.  It isn't easy and we are incredibly lucky to have the kind of support that we do.  All in all, her day was just as special as I knew it would be and I feel really thankful that she is loved as big now as she has always been.  Most always it feels like she is right here with us, exactly how it should feel...
 We love you, sweet girl. 

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